Recent Songs, TV Shows, and Movies Recommendations

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and that the new year is going well! Here’s some songs, TV shows, and movies that I’ve been listening to/watching lately.

Song Recs:

Well, in this case, it would probably be more of an artist recommendation. Sigrid is one of the new artists that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. She has a great voice and some amazing songs, and she hasn’t even released her first album yet which I am definitely looking forward to. You might have seen her as BBC’s Sound of 2018, but if not I completely recommend everything to do with Sigrid.

So now that I got a little of the Sigrid gushing out of my system, I am now going to move onto my TV show recommendation because I feel like this is the main new music that I’ve been listening to lately.

TV Show Rec:

I recently got into Peaky Blinders, so please don’t spoil anything if you comment, but I love this show. Cillian Murphy is such an amazing actor, and it has interesting dynamics and story lines that I can’t wait to follow as I finish Season 1 and move through the next three seasons. Aunt Polly is BAMF by the way, and that’s all I have to say about that. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I wholeheartedly recommend this show. Also, “Red Right Hand” by: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was the perfect choice for the theme song.

Image result for peaky blinders

Movie Recs:

The Big Sick is funny as well as surprisingly sad at certain points. Full disclosure, I cried more than once, but I enjoyed it a lot. It’s hard to believe that this was based on Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s actual love story, because it was almost made to be the plot of a romantic comedy. It was relatable and heartwarming, and I would recommend seeing it as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Image result for the big sick

The Shape of Water was one of the last movies that I saw in the theater, and it was everything I expected and more. I enjoyed it a lot, and found it be one of the best told love stories I’ve watched on screen in awhile. However, it is Guillermo del Toro and it is weird; it’s everything you would expect of a movie where the male romantic lead is just titled the Amphibian Man in the credits. That being said, Sally Hawkins is amazing and gives an extremely nuanced and lovely performance as Elisa. Richard Jenkins and Octavia Spencer are both great actors and their talents are fully on display here. Doug Jones somehow makes an Amphibian Man something understandable and almost charismatic. Michael Shannon’s villain is easy to hate, and shows that evil is often more present in the human form than in the monster itself. I will warn you that this movie fully deserves its R rating.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, then go for it. If not, then please cross your fingers with me and hope that it wins some of the 13 Oscars this gem is nominated for. The soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat perfectly fits the movie as well, and fully deserves the Academy Award.


Black Panther is amazingly wonderful, and all of the characters have such presence on screen. I loved Shuri so much, and Okoye and Nakia are strong, nuanced, and badass. The plot is interesting, the soundtrack is great, and this movie is so worth seeing in the theaters. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to spoil it, but I think this movie is a must see.

Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Isaach De Bankolé, Martin Freeman, Michael B. Jordan, Andy Serkis, Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o, Daniel Kaluuya, and Letitia Wright in Black Panther (2018)



Song, TV Show, and Movie Recommendations

Hi everyone! I know it’s been awhile. Life has been hectic lately. I started my first real job in August and was getting acclimated; I also decided to take the CFA in the spring, and so have begun the process of studying for that. (It’s been lots of fun and I’m just getting started, which means lots of future studying to come). Hope everyone, who has started a new job recently or is going through any other life changes, is doing well. We got this, friends. 🙂

I am going to try to start posting more often now that I’m back in the swing of things. To start back off, I wanted to post some recent songs, movies, and TV shows that I have been listening to and watching. I might make this a weekly thing, who knows?

Song Recs:

Here’s the latest Bastille song for those of you who haven’t heard it yet. I’m a big Bastille fan, and I think this song does embody some of what’s been going on lately. It’s also featured on the soundtrack for the new Netflix movie, Bright, with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

I have been listening to a lot of Rag’n’Bone Man lately; he has an amazing voice, and you may know him from his song, Human. The song below is one of my favorites off his latest album. Something about it just gets me every time.

TV Show Recs:

The Gifted is one of the new shows that I have been watching and really enjoying. For fans of Marvel and the X-men movies, it’s a must see. It also has interesting character dynamics and is intriguing so far. Clarice, or Blink, is one of my favorite characters on the show.

IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...

Westworld is amazing. That’s all I have to say. If you don’t have a show to watch right now and want something that you can’t stop watching, then Westworld is for you. I can’t seem to stop recommending Westworld to everyone; it’s that good in my opinion. There’s also only one season on HBO Go right now as the second one is coming out Spring 2018, so it shouldn’t take too long to catch up. (It’s not like Game of Thrones where you have to watch seven seasons to catch up, though I will always recommend GOT).

Westworld: If You Thought the Show Was Dark and Edgy, Wait Until You Hear the Music

Movie Recs:

Thor: Ragnarok is a great movie. It’s funny and exciting, and is something you should go see as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

THOR: RAGNAROK - Surtur Awakens In Unbelievable New Comic-Con Trailer & Poster From Marvel

Atomic Blonde just recently came out on demand and DVD, and I would recommend it. The plot isn’t amazingly deep, but it does surprise you and keep you guessing. Both James McAvoy and Charlize Theron give strong performances. Charlize is a major BAMF the entire movie and has some great fight scenes. I also enjoyed the soundtrack, including its use of David Bowie’s “Cat People” and Nena’s “99 Luftballons”; I actually like the latter song better in German than I do in English.

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Have a great night everyone!! And look for more from me in the coming days.

50 Thoughts I had while watching “Dragonstone”

As many of you know, Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered on Sunday. I’ve been a little busy since it premiered, but I figured better late than never when it came to posting this. There are definitely spoilers in this just so you know.

  1. I am so glad this is premiering tonight. It’s like an early birthday present.
  2. This countdown is really heightening my anticipation.
  3. The episode didn’t start with the opening credits. That’s different. Something’s about to go down.
  4. Is that Arya wearing Walder Frey’s face?! Oh my goodness!
  5. That wine is definitely poisoned. Good riddance, good bye Freys.
  6. Arya strolling out of the Twins like the BAMF she is. You go, Arya!
  7. The North Remembers bitches.
  8. Love these opening credits! I’ve been missing them.
  9. The Twins and Dragonstone are here, and Winterfell has the Stark symbol again. Woohoo!
  10. Okay, more things are going to happen. Deep breaths.
  11. Ominous clouds and fog. Uh-oh. It’s definitely who I think it is.
  12. Here comes the Night King and the White Walkers. Ice Zombie Giants! As if the White Walkers weren’t scary and intimidating enough.
  13. Bran and Meera have made it to The Wall. Yes!
  14.  I wonder if The Wall is going to fall this season or next season.
  15. There’s only this season and next season left. 😦 That’s rather upsetting to think about.
  16. Jon is taking his responsibilities as King in the North seriously.
  17. Damn straight both men and women should fight. Go Lyanna Mormont! This is amazing and I love this character so much.
  18. Jon and Sansa tension. Sansa, I see your point but you’re undermining him in front of the bannermen.
  19. On one hand, I did agree with Sansa until you saw the last Umber and Karstark. They’re so little and they did swear oaths of fealty, so no more problems there hopefully.
  20. Jon, you should listen to Sansa more. She survived King’s Landing, Joffrey, and Ramsay. Also, you wouldn’t have won the Battle of the Bastards without her. Just saying.
  21. Don’t underestimate Cersei, Jon. She just set most of her rivals on fire, and the only redeeming quality she has left are her cheekbones.
  22. Sansa’s hair reminds me of Cersei’s hairstyle in earlier seasons. Not sure how to feel about that.
  23. Cersei needs to die soon. I think she’s gone a little crazy at this point, and also seems to be a bit over-confident. Hmm
  24. Jaime, run far away. You could do so much better. Eurgh. I don’t know who to ship Brienne with, Jaime or Tormund, but if Jaime stays in Cersei’s pocket then I am for Tormund and Brienne all the way. I love Brienne and she deserves the best.
  25. I think Jaime and Tyrion still love each other and probably do not want to kill each other, which will put them both in an awkward position with their respective queens.
  26. I knew Cersei would want to ally with Euron. Damn the Ironborn built those ships quickly.
  27. Euron got a makeover. He and Cersei would be one crazy couple.
  28. That dig at Jaime. Whew. What a burn. Have Cersei and Jaime done anything since he came back missing a hand?
  29. What kind of gift is Euron bringing? Someone’s head most likely.
  30. This whole soup and chamber pot montage is disgusting. Poor Sam.
  31. This autopsy is also gross, but hey Horace Slughorn is conducting it and he believes Sam.
  32. Sam is stealing the key to the Restricted Section because he couldn’t get a teacher’s permission.
  33. Brienne is such a BAMF.
  34. Tormund is eyeing her up, and calling Pod a lucky man because Brienne beat his butt. Their interactions make me smile.
  35. I wish we got to hear Brienne and Tormund’s conversation.
  36. Sansa is holding her own against Baelish. Yes, Sansa! I loved that last line. I feel like this season will include a lot of the two of them manipulating each other back and forth and enjoying it immensely.
  37. Brienne is confused why Baelish is still here. Aren’t we all? If there’s anyone who deserves to die before the end, Baelish is high up on that list.
  38. I recognize that singing voice. Oh, Ed Sheeran as a Lannister soldier. Alrighty then.
  39. Arya is scoping out whether she could kill them all, but then the soldiers are nice and have families. Please don’t kill them Arya.
  40. I also like that Arya told them the truth, and that nobody believed her. Well, Cersei is on the list. I don’t think Jaime is though, which is interesting. Hopefully, Arya doesn’t kill him and take his face to kill Cersei.
  41. Is Gendry is King’s Landing by the way?! Will we finally have that reunion?
  42. The Hound is travelling with the Brotherhood, which is an interesting combo.
  43. It looks like they’ll end up at Eastwatch by the Sea. Maybe they’ll all fight with Tormund and the wildlings against the White Walkers. That would be interesting.
  44. What’s the Lord of Light want? And where’s Melisandre gone?
  45. Sam finds out there’s dragonglass under Dragonstone. Ooh, setting up a meeting between Dany and Jon perhaps. Will Jon ever be told he’s a Targaryen?! R+L= J.
  46. Jorah!!!! Covered in greyscale and still in love with Dany.
  47. Daenerys is finally in Westeros. Woohoo! We’ve been waiting so long. Lots of dragon motifs in Dragonstone that I didn’t remember seeing when Stannis was there.
  48. “Shall we begin?”, Daenerys is ready to win her throne. Hopefully, she’s also ready to fight against the White Walkers.
  49. This was a great episode. It set everything up for next week.
  50. I can’t wait for next week! Is that Nymeria in the promos? Also, where’d Ghost go?

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warning: There may be spoilers, but I did my best to exclude them. I always feel like I have to put the warning though.

This movie was definitely worth seeing in the theaters. The movie and Tom Holland brought Peter Parker to life as a fifteen year old kid, who even with superpowers is still struggling with typical high school problems. It brought to mind John Hughes’s films, but with the addition of superpowers. (That just made me think of John Bender with powers, which probably would have been a bit frightening). I thought this movie did a great job of showcasing the Peter Parker of the comics, your “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”. I enjoyed the humor and story line as well as the actors’ performances. I think Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark was included just enough to link the story to the Marvel Universe and establish a mentor relationship with Peter Parker, but not too much; Tony Stark always dominates the screen and this movie did a good job of making sure the story focused on Peter and Spider-Man like it was meant to. There were cameos (ie. Chris Evans’s Captain America), which made me laugh. There were also twists, a strong villain in Michael Keaton’s Vulture, a funny and lovable AI in Spidey’s suit, and realizations as well as growth for Spider-Man. This movie also had a great final line.  I’m excited to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War, and am glad that he brings some light-hearted optimism to the table. I won’t tell you what to do, but I suggest you go see this movie immediately or you know whenever you have the time. 🙂


Also, this poster is not mine. It belongs to Marvel. 

Things We Lost in the Fire By: Bastille

I know I haven’t posted a song of the day for awhile, but this song has been stuck in my head for the past few days so here you go. I have recently fallen completely in love with Bastille’s music and their latest album, Wild World. They were even better in concert than I expected. I also enjoy how they record different renditions of their songs, and this version of “Things We Lost in the Fire” is live and with a choir; this song is from the band’s first album, Bad Blood.

Fun with Painting and Drawing

Hi all. These are some of the paintings and drawings I’ve done over the years. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 I hope to do a photo post soon too.


My first oil painting

Daisy Still life

Still life of daisies, my Nana’s favorite flower.

Still life

Thanksgiving still life

Gma Ruth's flowers

I painted this in honor of my great grandmother



Cleo with an Attitude

This is my cat, Cleo.

Cleo with tude

Here’s a close-up of the kitty with an attitude


Leopard. I’ve always been fascinated with the big cats



Palm Tree

Palm tree and the ocean

Wheel of Time

A map from The Wheel of Time


Geralt of Rivia, The White Wolf from Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (My favorite video game right now)

Impossible from Cinderella

If there’s one thing I learned so far in life, it’s that nothing is impossible when you believe it’s possible. This has earned “Impossible” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella the honor of being the song of the day. I have posted the Whitney Houston and Brandy version because that’s the version I grew up listening to and the one I will always love.